Ashford International was established in 2008 by Susan Schmidt, a member of Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. The company's mission  is improving the lives of others, be it a Contracting Officer or a member of the Ashford Team. As a recent graduate of the 8(a) Program,  and through a partnership with an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC), Ashford continues to utilize the 8(a) contracting vehicle, allowing Contracting Officers to simplify the procurement process, saving both time and money. This flexibility to be responsive and efficient leads to a more cost effective project. Additionally, as a Protege of a trusted, large business (SDVOB), Ashford is able to tackle large-scale projects with ample support,  Ashford can manage, design and complete construction projects and also source products to help federal clients exceed their strategic and operational goals.

Ashford is capable of self performing the following CSI divisions:

  • 02 00 00 - Site Work
  • 02 41 00 - Demolition
  • 06 10 00 - Rough Carpentry
  • 06 20 00 - Finish Carpentry
  • 06 46 00 - Wood Trim
  • 06 48 00 - Wood Frames
  • 07 21 00 - Thermal Insulation
  • 08 00 00 - Openings
  • 09 00 00 - Finishes
  • 10 14 00 - Signage
  • 13 00 00 - Specialty Construction​




Thomas G. Ashford was 2 years old when he was entered as a New Born Choctaw by Blood Roll Number 66 on The Dawes Rolls of The Five Civilized Tribes, also known as the "Final Rolls," which included Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, Chickasaw and Seminole.  Susan Schmidt, owner of Ashford International, wanted to honor her great grandfather with his moniker due to their especially close relationship. Ashford now employs numerous Native Americans representing a number of other federally recognized tribes.